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Zane Trumann spent four years on the air at WONC from 2019 to 2023. In that time, he became a versatile member of the station, hosting on-air shows and working in the production department. He also trained multiple members at WONC, teaching them the basics of being an on-air talent and how to forge an identity for themselves at the station. Zane co-hosted Vocal Distortion, a show that features heavy metal, screamo, metalcore, and more, as well as The Crossroads, a show that features outlaw country, country rock, and bluegrass.

Zane also served as the Co-Production Director at WONC. His main responsibilities included creating station imaging packages, show promotional spots, public service announcements, and coordinating the assignments of the Production Assistants. Through his tenure in the Production Director, Zane assisted in the overhauling of WONC’s imaging, and produced multiple award-nominated promos. Zane won the 2022 IBA Student Silver Dome Award for Best PSA, and he earned a total of seven different nominations in just two years of working in production.

Audio Production



The Crossroads Artist Highlight: Brothers Osborne

By Zane Trumann While we usually reserve these features for new artists here at The Crossroads, both Sam and I made the executive decision to change that with Brothers Osborne’s newest single, “It’s Only Rock ‘n’ Roll (But I Like It)”. The brothers from Maryland took on a major project ...


The Crossroads Artist Highlight: Jessta James

By Zane Trumann After a couple of weeks of theme nights, Sam and I were looking to take The Crossroads back to its roots and get back into featuring up-and-coming artists. We were lucky enough with previous features to have artists reach out to us on social media, but this ...


The Crossroads Artist Highlight: Brody Kean

By Zane Trumann With the first edition of The Crossroads under our belts, both Sam and I were turning the country music scene upside down trying to find a new artist to feature for our next show. There were plenty of close fits, even a few that gave us great ...

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