Morning Mojo

This summer, listen weekday mornings from 6-10 for Morning Mojo, hosted by Jesse Hudgins! He’s got something different each day to make your drive to work fun and enjoyable!

If you miss anything during the week, be sure to check out the Morning Mojo Recap on Spotify every Friday after the show!

About Jesse

Jesse Hudgins is a 4-year veteran of WONC. Having hosted specialty shows like Roommate Reviews and Alternage, he loves to talk to you about his favorite things. On top of hosting his radio shows, he created podcasts for each show to continue to share his love of music and movies.


Favorite movie: Evil Dead 2

Favorite band: Currently Alkaline Trio

Favorite food: Steak

Marvel or DC: Marvel for Movies, DC for Comics

If you could visit anywhere in the world, where would it be: Japan

Cats or dogs: dogs

Coffee or tea: coffee (sorry, Chloe!)

Ketchup on a hotdog: Ew gross, never!

Cubs or White Sox: White Sox (I know they’re bad)

Something you’re REALLY looking forward to doing this summer: Going to concerts once a month!

Favorite thing about WONC: All the friends I’ve made along the way

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