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Join Jesse Hudgins and Chloe Kallberg for two hours of punk, pop punk, emo and alternative! Listen for album reviews, artist interviews, features on up-and-coming bands, and fun theme nights like 90s Night, Punk Night, and Pickitupapalooza, Alternage’s annual Ska Night. Plus,  You can find them on Instagram and Twitter for playlist updates, what Jesse has in his vinyl collection, and concert photos!

About the Hosts

Jesse Hudgins

Jesse is a junior who enjoys writing stories, creating music, and just having a good time in total. He wants to make a career out of being a musician, writing stories, or being a music journalist. He has been to many concerts in his life crowd surfing and moshing every chance he gets. He is the co-host of Roommate Reviews, Alternage, and Local Chaos. Some of his favorite bands include Blink 182, Descendents, Modern Baseball, and Box Car Racer. Jesse’s been going to concerts for a long time, and the first time he tried crowd surfing, he was dropped on his back at an Alkaline Trio and Bad Religion concert.

Chloe Kallberg

Chloe is a junior majoring in writing. She’s been a co-host of Alternage since its inception in February of 2021, and enjoys studying punk, pop punk, emo, and alternative rock music- especially the punk scene in East Bay, California.


“I want to be stereotyped; I want to be classified.” These are lyrics that can apply to any generation of music listener. They were written by California punks Descendents and were released on the 1982 …

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