Coldplay Front Man Chris Martin Uses Instagram to Spread Positivity

by Jared Moser

Lead singer, pianist, and keyboardist of Coldplay, Chris Martin, took to an Instagram live stream on March 16th from his house to talk about music, take requests and to spread positivity. It’s not every day you get so close to a celebrity’s personal life, but through live streams and the amazing world of social media, it seems almost normal to see into the personal lives of your favorite influencers.… Click here to continue reading!

A Very Strange Direction in Rock n’ Roll: Ween’s “The Pod”

by Nick Papanicholas

By now, the ins and outs of rock n’ roll have been muddied and stomped upon for decades. Lots of directions have been explored in the genre, as well as the creation of new genres like alternative and metal, producing many interesting sounds and people who got their inspiration from the godfathers of rock music, such as Hendrix and The Beatles.… Click here to continue reading!