The Misfits’ The Static Age Deserves a Revisit

by Jesse Hudgins The Misfits will forever go down as punk rock legends. No matter what era of punk you identify with most, you know who The Misfits are. The band has had their issues throughout the years with multiple lineup changes and legal disputes, but that doesn’t change the ...

The Chats’ New Album is A Must-Listen

by Jesse Hudgins Punk rock is a genre that spans over decades with new bands coming and going, and one that’s been coming for a while out of Australia is The Chats. They’ve been around since 2016, releasing four full length albums. The Chats released Get F***ed on August 19th ...

Alternage Retrospective: Milo Goes to College

“I want to be stereotyped; I want to be classified.” These are lyrics that can apply to any generation of music listener. They were written by California punks Descendents and were released on the 1982 album Milo Goes to College. Descendents are a California punk band that formed in 1977 ...

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