Thump, Thump, Clap

by Jette-Mari Anni

Chances are, you just read the title in your head with thousands of feet stumping at once, followed by a united massive clap. There’s also a decent possibility it automatically repeated the sound in your head a few times with Freddie Mercury’s voice taking over, and now that song won’t leave your head for the next 24 hours.… Click here to continue reading!

TikTok – The New Record Store

by Jette-Mari Anni

TikTok, a short video app that has teenagers and young adults all the way to lawmakers, and even the President, going crazy (for different reasons), has taken over the entertainment world in the palm of your hand. You may have seen Gen Z using it for creative expression, and you might be like the many adults who don’t understand why or how TikTok has reached its popularity.… Click here to continue reading!

Concert Season is Upon Us

by Emily Vickers

Yeah, I said it. We might be stuck inside, but that doesn’t mean we have to go on without live music performances! One of my favorite past times during the summer is going to concerts. While we’re all doing our best to adjust to this new normal, we have the option of watching all of our favorite musicians from the comfort of our own home (and without the outrageous food and drink prices).… Click here to continue reading!

Coldplay Front Man Chris Martin Uses Instagram to Spread Positivity

by Jared Moser

Lead singer, pianist, and keyboardist of Coldplay, Chris Martin, took to an Instagram live stream on March 16th from his house to talk about music, take requests and to spread positivity. It’s not every day you get so close to a celebrity’s personal life, but through live streams and the amazing world of social media, it seems almost normal to see into the personal lives of your favorite influencers.… Click here to continue reading!