The Chats’ New Album is A Must-Listen

- Alternage

by Jesse Hudgins

Punk rock is a genre that spans over decades with new bands coming and going, and one that’s been coming for a while out of Australia is The Chats. They’ve been around since 2016, releasing four full length albums.

The Chats released Get F***ed on August 19th under Bargain Bin Records, the band’s own label. The record features 13 songs in just 28 minutes; it’s a fast-paced album that doesn’t spend much time on metaphors and uses its time to tell you what it wants to tell you. Whether that’s having a panic attack, getting mad because you’ve been paid late, or injustices that are going on in Australia, they tell you immediately what the song is about.

One thing this album does very well is that it doesn’t get boring. No two tracks sound the same, and each has something different to offer instrumentally and vocally. Bassist Eamon Sandwith has taken over lead vocals for Josh Price, who left the band to pursue his own project, Pricey. In his debut as the lead singer, Sandwith provides the best kind of harsh vocals to accompany the hard music.

While I love each track on this album, ones worth mentioning are “Struck by Lightning,” “Panic Attack,” “Paid Late,” and “The Price of Smokes.” “Struck by Lightning,” a no-nonsense song about being struck by lightning, was the album’s lead single. The song features a catchy chorus, lyrics that are fun, and a ripping guitar solo.

My two personal favorites are “Paid Late” and “Panic Attack.” Both are catchy, fun, short tunes that give off the same energy as a Black Flag song, bringing back a sound that’s missed in new music.

If you’re a fan of old school punk, then this album is for you. It’s reminiscent of bands like Sex Pistols and Black Flag, with fun tunes that are straightforward. Short but sweet is a great way to describe this album that should be added to any “best of 2022” playlist.

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