Local Chaos: Celebrating 25 Years on WONC

by Austin Paulson The spirit of Local Chaos is linked directly with the music written and performed within our incredible community. As fans first, we find that there’s nothing more important than promoting and uplifting the art of the people around you. Naturally, musicians come and go. Some stay active ...

Calling All Local Bands and Musicians

Countless musicians and bands from the Chicagoland area have made an impact in the world of music, but none of them started off as famous. Everyone starts somewhere, and we’re here to help. WONC has a long-standing tradition of featuring music from the Chicagoland area, and we want you to ...

Get Free Stuff

We’ve still got a lot of stickers, pens, t-shirts and more stuff with our old logo taking up space in our prize closet. We want you to have some of it, so fill out the form below and we’ll send something to you. We can’t guarantee what it’ll be, but ...

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