Get Ready for Cross Examination, a New WONC Podcast

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WONC is home to many high-quality podcasts with new ones being created often thanks to the efforts of the North Central College students who choose to take part at WONC. That’s why frequent listeners of the station will be happy to know that a fresh new show is in the making! Ricardy Herard and Jayden Lawrence are currently developing the first episode for Cross Examination, a debate podcast where they bring in strange cases and even stranger takes.

In Cross Examination, they’ll discuss a variety of topics, but what they’re always eager to talk about are conspiracy theories. Fanatics of all that are odd, strange, or otherworldly will find their back-and-forth discussions to be interesting as they try to either prove or disprove a conspiracy theory or any other topic that they want to talk about. If conspiracies aren’t your thing, you can still stay for the witty banter between a long-time conspiracy nerd and cool realist who always keeps a level head.

Collecting evidence of the unknown is no easy task, but these close friends are always willing to tolerate each other if it means getting to prove the other wrong. Jayden never backs down and Ricardy always looks for another angle. Whether they come across business scandals, alien threats, mole men or even the supernatural, their heated debates will always be full of fun and mutual understanding.

This has been a long-time project for them both, and they’ve even said how happy they are to finally produce their own show. Ricardy has mentioned how he’s had some experience with podcasting before, but nothing on this level. With Ricardy and Jayden just finishing their first year at North Central, we can only hope that these two green newcomers can put in the work to make sure their show is enjoyable in the near future.

To get a look into how they think and what’s going on behind the scenes, we asked them what they thought the hardest part of the development process was. Apparently, their biggest issue was that they couldn’t agree on anything. They argued about the name of the podcast, what topics to discuss, and even what they thought would make for a good podcast. Ricardy always leaned more toward factual discussion, while Jayden was a fan of free-flowing natural conversation. Luckily, they were able to put aside their differences and combine both styles to create their own style which brings the best of both worlds.

We’re so excited for Cross Examination to be released and we hope you are, too. Cross Examination will become an official WONC podcast sometime in the fall of 2024, so stay tuned!

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