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Can you remember the first time you were truly captivated by music? Where were you? How old were you? What was it that grabbed your attention? For many people, this is a pivotal moment. The beginning of a life-long obsession. From there, you might find yourself listening to whatever you can get your hands on, and at a certain point, merely listening isn’t enough anymore. You attempt to go deeper, asking, “How was this written? How did this style of music come to be? Where does it come from?” The further you go, the more you discover along the way.


Fringe Radio caters itself to these questions, venturing to the far reaches of underground music and pop-culture from the proto-punk of Metro Detroit, synth-pop of West Germany, Yéye of Sub-Saharan Africa, and everything in-between. While we certainly respect the big names that made these genres what they are today, we look to highlight the outliers, “weirdos”, and innovators that set the wheels in motion. We strive to embody the spirit of a $5 show in a packed, 200 capacity room, or the hours spent meticulously sculpting sounds that would break new ground. Fringe is meant to be the audio equivalent of surfing through a zine at your local record store; a means of finding new forms of musical expression and ideas.


The music also never stopped, and we seek to draw connections from the past to artists that channel the same spirit and ethics through their own filter in the present day. The doo-wop of Clyde McPhatter and Shannon & the Clams, the dream-like soundscapes of the Psychedilc Furs and Drab Majesty, or the power-pop of Big Star and Tony Molina. It’s important to know where you’ve been, while still having your sights set towards the future.


Whether you’re a casual listener or looking for something fresh, Fringe Radio is for music lovers of all tastes and curiosities. With musical spotlights, weekly playlists, and interviews with independent artists & labels, you’re bound to discover something new on the Fringe.


Fringe Radio makes its debut Saturday, August 27th at 6PM on FM89.

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