Peter Medlin

- Alumni Spotlight

Years at WONC: 2016-2018

Peter transferred to NCC his junior year, and WONC was the first campus organization he joined. During his time at the station, Peter worked on the air as a DJ and newscaster; one of the highlights of his time was spending the night of the 2016 election providing updates.

Peter’s experience covering news at WONC proved to be instrumental to his future. He says, “I was only at the station for a year and a half, but the on-air and behind-the-mic newswriting experience absolutely helped prepare me for my career in public broadcasting.” Shortly after graduating, Peter joined WNIJ in DeKalb as an education and politics journalist and podcast host.

Since joining WNIJ in 2018, Peter’s reporting has been featured on public radio station across the country, and he was a live correspondent for NPR’s election coverage during the 2020 primary elections. He currently hosts Weekend Edition, as well as the education podcast Teachers’ Lounge, in which he interviews educators from all over the country.

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