Local Chaos

Featured Local Artist: The Uncle Steves

The Uncle Steves is the brainchild of multi-instrumentalist Chris Picciuolo, a native of the Chicago suburbs. Picciuolo started as a drummer, earning his stripes as a live and studio musician over the years. One day, that all changed. Finding himself house-sitting for a friend in Lisle, he was suddenly armed ...

Local Chaos: Celebrating 25 Years on WONC

by Austin Paulson The spirit of Local Chaos is linked directly with the music written and performed within our incredible community. As fans first, we find that there’s nothing more important than promoting and uplifting the art of the people around you. Naturally, musicians come and go. Some stay active ...

Featured Local Artist: Lollygagger

Lollygagger is a 3-piece punk rock/Thrash metal band from Chicago. Their new album “Total Party kill” was released on What’s for Breakfast? Records. The sound of Lollygagger is like a brown miasma of bass forward face-melting speed metal, while the lyrics breathe darkly funny emotions into a landscape of politically ...

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