Featured Local Artist: Nathan Graham

- Featured Local Artist

Our Featured Local Artist for August is Chicago native Nathan Graham! His music bridges the gap between South Side Soul and Nashville Americana, creating a new inclusive vision of singer-songwriter. Over the last decade, he’s built a career as a guitar-for-hire, touring internationally with major label and indie acts like Ben Harper, The Wallflowers, Lucinda Williams, and Low Cut Connie, all while focused on songwriting and honing his skills as a solo performer.

“My goal is to show a different kind of singer-songwriter. I don’t look or sound like you’d expect, but I’m writing about universal experiences of love, loss, uncertainty and anxiety. I’m writing music to connect my story to yours, show you all that we have in common, and maybe help both of us feel less alone.”

Nathan will be performing live in Chicago and the surrounding area this summer, including August 11 at Chop Shop in Chicago, August 17 at GMan Tavern in Chicago, August 26 at Old Town School of Fold Music in Chicago, and September 22 at Oaktoberfest in Oak Park.

His debut EP, Nathan Graham – Jam in The Van, was released in July 2022, and his debut album, Saint of Second Chances, is due out October 20th.

You can follow Nathan on Instagram, Facebook, and visit his website for updates.

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