Pop Stop

Sundays from 8 to 10PM

Hosted by Jordan Mark, Pop Stop is two hours of the most gratifying pop around, providing fresh mixes of pop music that will take your earbuds on a sensational journey. Spanning multiple decades and infusions of other genres including R&B, country, and funk, Pop Stop is that rush you need to keep the night alive like there’s no tomorrow.

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About The Host

Jordan Mark

Jordan joined FM89 two years ago when he transferred colleges and switched majors. Since then, he’s been a contributor to the station’s website and hosts Pop Stop, WONC’s only pop music show. An avid non-TikTok user, Jordan prefers discovering on his own terms as opposed to flocking in the same direction as everyone else. Don’t mistake that for being out of the loop, however. Jordan is into pop culture as much as the next person, though he is selective on what he considers worthy enough to take another look at. Outside of the station, Jordan likes to sleep and aspires to be flexible by stretching whenever he gets the chance. 

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