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Meg spent two years serving as the Production Director at WONC. She was responsible for creating the station’s imaging, promos, and PSAs, and leading a team of production assistants. In her time as the Production Director, Meg oversaw a complete revamping of the station’s imaging, created entertaining and compelling promos and PSAs, and taught others how to create pieces of station imaging.

Meg won the 2022 IBA Student Silverdome Award for Best PSA, and she earned multiple nominations in the 2022-2023 IBS Awards for her production work, as well as for her work as an on-air personality.

In addition to her work at WONC, Meg was active in the North Central College Musical Theater department, performing in various musicals and plays.

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Meg's Movie Corner

Meg's Movie Corner

You Season 4 (Part 2) Review: We Did NOT See That Coming

Trigger warning: This article contains discussions of suicide and suicidal ideation. This article contains spoilers for Netflix’s YOU Season 4 (Part 2). by Meg Kordik For once, I think my love for analyzing television has come back to bite me. Often, on YouTube, the platform recommends videos for me to ...

Meg's Movie Corner

Meg’s Movie Corner: Cocaine Bear

WARNING: THIS ARTICLE CONTAINS SPOILERS FOR COCAINE BEAR (2023) Going into seeing Cocaine Bear, 2023’s new horror-comedy, this was what I was expecting: Some cocaine gets lost in a forest, a bear finds said cocaine, gets high, and goes on a rampage chasing and killing people. What I got was ...

Meg's Movie Corner

YOU Season 4 Review and Why We Side With Serial Killers

Hello, YOU! The first half of season 4 of You dropped on Netflix February 9th, and wow, do I have some things to say! For starters, I’ve always been a fan of this show. Despite the themes that seemingly promote stalking and serial murder, the tone of this show is ...

Meg's Movie Corner

Meg’s Movie Corner: M3GAN

SPOILERS AHEAD! As a Megan myself, people have been wondering what I think of the new sci-fi horror film M3GAN. It’s funny – I’ve been seeing her name so much lately that writing my own name without the number three as the “e” feels wrong, like it’s misspelled or something. ...

Meg's Movie Corner

Kaleidoscope: It’s Not What You Watch, It’s How You Watch It

Netflix’s new heist drama series, Kaleidoscope, dropped on the streaming platform on January 1st. Created by Eric Garcia and stacked with a cast including Giancarlo Esposito, Rufus Sewell, and Tati Gabrielle, fans were eager to pick apart every aspect of this heist story. This series is no Ocean’s 8 or ...

Meg's Movie Corner

Meg’s Movie Corner: Examining the Movie Musical Genre

While I love to review movies, there’s one genre that seems to miss more than hit, so instead of reviewing just one movie, I thought I’d look at the entire genre of movie musicals. There are some that I enjoy, but as a lover of theatre and a self-diagnosed film ...

Meg's Movie Corner

Meg’s Movie Corner: Spirited

Spirited, the 2022 Apple TV+ film starring Will Ferrell and Ryan Reynolds, was released this November, and it isn’t being talked about nearly enough as it should be.  CAUTION: Spoilers ahead!  This film, which doubles as a movie musical, retells the Charles Dickens story, “A Christmas Carol,” but from the ...

Meg's Movie Corner

Meg’s Movie Corner: Do Revenge

SPOILERS AHEAD! After finishing Netflix’s new teen high school comedy, Do Revenge, I’m left with one question: how many plot twists can a movie possibly have? Because, WOW, this movie had the most plot twists I’ve ever seen in my life. In any movie. Ever! Director Jennifer Kaytin Robinson takes inspiration from classic ...

Meg's Movie Corner

Meg’s Movie Corner: Don’t Worry Darling

So…let’s talk about Don’t Worry Darling. (SPOILERS AHEAD!) I went into seeing this film for the same reason everyone else went to see it: for Harry Styles. As one of his first big feature films, the movie trailer caught the attention of many. However, Styles’ lack of experience seems to also be his downfall. Don’t ...

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