Lizzie Baumgartner

- Alumni Spotlight

Years at WONC: 2016-2017

When Lizzie came to WONC, she made an immediate impact. Hosting Local Chaos and Night Owls, she spent a lot of time on the air, refining her talents. She also served as the Assistant Station Manager and Promotions Director, and her short time at WONC proved to be a catalyst for her career.

After graduating in 2017, Lizzie worked in promotions at 93XRT, B96, and US99. In 2018, Lizzie created a podcast and livestream, Emo Social Club, which continues to grow as a multi-media source of music content. In 2019, she moved into a role as an assistant producer with WBBM-AM, and assisted in covering stories regarding the pandemic and political and social protests.

In 2021, Lizzie earned a Master’s in Journalism from DePaul, and was promoted to National Audio Production Coordinator for alt rock stations, including WNYL and KROQ. In 2022, she received another promotion and was named Managing Editor of Podcasts at WBBM-AM.

Lizzie is also currently the faculty advisor of WRSE, Elmhurst University’s student radio station, and teaches journalism classes.

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