Laura Botten

- Alumni Spotlight

Years at WONC: 2004-2008

In her time at WONC, Laura served as the Production Director, and spent all four years hosting on-air shows. In 2007, she earned the IBA Student Silver Dome Award for Best Radio Air Check.


Laura used her talents to earn internships at a number of Chicago radio stations, including 97.9 The Loop, Q101, ESPN 1000, and 94.7 WZZN.


After graduating from NCC, Laura’s experiences while at WONC led her to working as on-air host and Production Director for US99, and an on-air host at 103.9 The Fox, Star 105.5. She’s also been a professional voice-over talent since 2017, and she’s the voice of WONC!


Laura is currently writing her first book, Taste of Italy, a novel set in Rome. You can read more about Laura’s novel, her career, and more at laurabotten.com.

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