Joe Viso

- Alumni Spotlight

Years at WONC: 2017-2019

Joe joined WONC as a transfer student, and he jumped into the action right away. He was able to take his love of movies to the air, co-hosting talk shows Sleepless with Steve his first year and Variety Viso his second year. Both shows focused on the film industry, covering the latest stories and reviews of recent releases. Variety Viso went a step further and expanded to covering television and video games.


In his time at WONC, Joe also served as the Public Affairs Director, Underwriting Director, and Station Manager. Prior to his graduation in 2019, he was named the North Central College Outstanding Student in Broadcasting.


Since graduation, Joe has taken his experience at WONC and made his way to the public sector. He worked as a multimedia specialist for DuPage County, helping create public service announcements, infographics, and more to spread awareness of COVID-19 during the onset of the pandemic in 2020. He then moved to a position as the Events and Marketing Coordinator for the Wheaton Park District, where he and his staff plan and execute annual events, help manage marketing for the park district, and provide a great community experience for the city of Wheaton.


Joe also decided to continue his education, having found a passion for public administration and working in the public sector. He’s currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Public Administration at NIU.

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