Featured Local Artist: The Uncle Steves

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The Uncle Steves is the brainchild of multi-instrumentalist Chris Picciuolo, a native of the Chicago suburbs. Picciuolo started as a drummer, earning his stripes as a live and studio musician over the years. One day, that all changed. Finding himself house-sitting for a friend in Lisle, he was suddenly armed with a bass guitar, a microphone, and a keyboard. The rest is history.

No longer just a drummer, Picciuolo now had the freedom to explore a variety of genres and instruments, and The Uncle Steves was born. Picciuolo plays all the instruments for the The Uncle Steves, including bass, drums, keyboard, harmonica, synth, guitar, organ, and percussion. With over 10 albums now under their belt, The Uncle Steves continue to create groundbreaking and genre-bending music from alternative pop to desert folk to psychedelic garage rock to punk rock and beyond.

The Uncle Steves’ new single, “We’re Gonna Be Alright Now,” repeats a well-needed mantra for the post-pandemic world, and explores the genres of dance, funk and alternative rock. Indie Criollo says, “The Uncle Steves arrives from the United States with “We’re Gonna Be Alright Now,” a song that has the unique style of moving between choruses and a very catchy rhythm, which can be concluded in a daring experimentation by getting lost in the correct work of tranquility, a good trip and the desire to compose a song that animates your day without having to explode, but has this familiarity of being a proposal between friends that you feel like a group hug.”

The latest album, Dead From Dan’s Mountain, explores psych noise rock, blues, and glam metal. You can listen now on Spotify, and check out The Uncle Steves on Bandcamp, Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram.

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