Featured Local Artist: Selenoplexia

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Our Featured Local Artist for June is Selenoplexia, a four-piece from Chicago that formed in 2021. Last October, Vocal Distortion welcomed Selenoplexia on FM89 to discuss their full-length album Exalt and Despair, an outstanding debut that skillfully explores all spectrums of extreme music through otherworldly atmosphere, heartrending lyricism, and pummeling riffs.

The band has continued to build from this momentum sharing the stage with the likes of Goatwhore, touring with fellow Chicagoans Gored Embrace, performing on an episode of So Below, and collaborating with Kuma’s Corner on their very own limited edition burger.


Selenoplexia’s next show will be at the Live Wire Lounge in Chicago on Saturday, July 6th alongside Morta Skuld, Graveripper, and fellow locals Echo Primordium.

Exalt and Despair is OUT NOW

Follow Selenoplexia on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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