A Little Birdie Told Me: Redlight King

- Jordan Mark

by Jordan Mark

Welcome back to A Little Birdie Told Me. In this edition, we’ll be taking a look at the band Redlight King.

Formed at the cusp of Ontario, Canada, Redlight King has made three albums throughout their career, often dedicating their grit in creating strong artistry that pierces through people’s core in feeling a sense of hope. The band has also managed to appear in soundtracks for movies like The Avengers.

And now here are some fun facts regarding the band:

  • Lead singer Mark Kasprzyk, commonly known as “Kaz” by the public, had almost qualified for the 2000 Summer Olympics where he would’ve represented Canada in judo.
  • Though the name Redlight King symbolizes those tough moments people go through that ultimately develop them into being more courageous, it stems from a race car Kasprzyk’s father had called the Redlight Bandit (’67 Barracuda), humorously called that due to his father’s tendency to jump the gun when racing it.
  • Though the music video for “Born to Rise” features motorcyclists, the original concept of the music video was more focused on them doing crisp stunts without a storyline attached to it.

That’s it for this edition of A Little Birdie Told Me. Stay tuned for the next edition!

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