Featured Local Artist: LangstonCo

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LangstonCo is the brainchild of Jay Langston, founder and former lead guitarist of nationally-touring bands Echovalve and We the Fierce, as well as a “hired gun” for 90s powerhouse Local H. Based out of Chicago, LangstonCo started in 2010 in Tampa, FL strictly as a side project, and remained on the back burner until now.

Set to release the fourth official EP, the focus has narrowed. Langston says, “After years of disappointments and letdowns in other bands, it’s time for LangstonCo to become the priority.” Bluesy, dark, honest, and authentic, the music creates a unique vibe of heavy content, juxtaposed with an almost chilled out acoustic-based sound. Mix that with fuzzy leads and sonically, it can take you to the desert, the big city underbelly, and at times, even the swamp.

You can listen to  LangstonCo on Bandcamp and Spotify, and follow on Instagram and Facebook.

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