Featured Local Artist: Impulsive Hearts

- Featured Local Artist

Our Featured Local Artist for this month is Impulsive Hearts, who pick up where recent revivalist acts like Dum Dum Girls and Best Coast have left off, adding just a hint of indelible Midwestern sadness to the neo-girl group garage rock sound. Danielle Sines leads the group with brooding, captivating vocals, fuzzy guitars, and fierce, catchy-as-hell songwriting. The band creates larger than life, Spector-esque sounds with Max Cohen on bass, Rachael Farinella on drums, Fallon McDermott on saxophone and keyboards and Adele Nicholas shredding guitar.

Their third LP, Fit 4 the Apocalypse, is due out April 5th and keeps the neo-girl group garage rock sounds going while adding sharper songwriting and witty lyricisms. The sound they create has been described as, “beach-bubble ice-cream-sunset garage rock,” and “a smack of sunshine on a cold winter’s day.”

 “[The] songs are studies in contrast, sweet melodies and then distortion and rage.” – Jessica Hopper, The Chicago Tribune

“After a few dozen listens to opening jam “I Wannabe Gone,” this wolf is sure Impulsive Hearts always have sand between their toes. Their echoey, languid jams have a touch of Beach House—that is, if Beach House were produced by Phil Spector.” – Gossip Wolf, Chicago Reader

You can find Impulsive Hearts on Instagram, Facebook, Bandcamp, and listen to their music on Spotify.

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