Featured Local Artist: Impulsive Hearts

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Our Featured Local Artist for this month is Impulsive Hearts, who pick up where recent revivalist acts like Dum Dum Girls and Best Coast have left off, adding just a hint of indelible Midwestern sadness to the neo-girl group garage rock sound. Danielle Sines leads the group with brooding, captivating vocals, fuzzy guitars, and fierce, catchy-as-hell songwriting. The band creates larger than life, Spector-esque sounds with Max Cohen on bass, Rachael Farinella on drums, Fallon McDermott on saxophone and keyboards and Adele Nicholas shredding guitar.

Their third LP, Fit 4 the Apocalypse, is due out April 5th and keeps the neo-girl group garage rock sounds going while adding sharper songwriting and witty lyricisms. The sound they create has been described as, “beach-bubble ice-cream-sunset garage rock,” and “a smack of sunshine on a cold winter’s day.”

 “[The] songs are studies in contrast, sweet melodies and then distortion and rage.” – Jessica Hopper, The Chicago Tribune

“After a few dozen listens to opening jam “I Wannabe Gone,” this wolf is sure Impulsive Hearts always have sand between their toes. Their echoey, languid jams have a touch of Beach House—that is, if Beach House were produced by Phil Spector.” – Gossip Wolf, Chicago Reader

You can find Impulsive Hearts on Instagram, Facebook, Bandcamp, and listen to their music on Spotify.

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