All You Need to Know About The 8th Annual Homegrown Arts and Music Fest Battle Of The Bands Contestants

Homegrown Arts and Music Fest is one of the biggest celebrations of local music in Illinois. They’re all about giving bands/artists from the Chicago-land area the opportunity to showcase their original music to great amounts of people. We’re huge supporters of this festival, and WONC will be their top sponsor this year!… Click here to continue reading!

Locals On Love

love music heart headphones wallpaper

It is that lovey-dovey time of the year again! Whether you are a sucker for Valentine’s Day or think that it is just another Hallmark holiday, you cannot deny a good love song! The Chicago-land music scene has pumped out many gorgeous ballads and up-beat anthems recently with themes ranging from “I have a crush” to “I have found the one”.… Click here to continue reading!

‘Real’ By Dezirae Schalice Review

I’ve been gushing over Real by indie-pop singer-songwriter Dezirae Schalice for weeks now. Since its release on September 16th, I’ve been captivated by Dezirae’s work during my walks on campus and in the studio. Dezirae remarkably infuses electronic keys, distorted guitars, and honest, metaphorical lyrics in her songs about topics such as gaining independence, confronting demons, and questioning what is “real.”… Click here to continue reading!