Up-and-Coming Bands to Check Out

by Jesse Hudgins

All throughout 2021, I had the privilege to recommend some really great bands. Recommending and even promoting bands like Calling All Captains, Hot Mulligan, and Destroy Boys has been so cool because I love making fans of these groups out of people who haven’t heard them before. Not just that, but I love recommending new music to people because I know what it’s like to not have new stuff when you want it. So, I’ve put together a list of acts that I can see doing fun and big stuff in 2022 that I think you should check out.


Pinkshift is a band that’s no stranger to Alternage on FM89. They’re a band that’s constantly hyped by the show, and I see big things coming from them. They put out an EP last year, Saccharine, which brought some comparisons to early My Chemical Romance, as well as all-around praise. Currently touring with PUP, hopefully new music, and maybe even a record label, are on the horizon for Pinkshift!

Songs to check out: “Mars,” “I’m Gonna Tell My Therapist on You,” “Toro”

Origami Angel

Origami Angel is by no means a newer band. Around since 2017, this Washington act has been putting out solid pieces of work for the past few years. It was their latest album, 2021’s Gami Gang, that really grabbed my attention. With hard rock, emo, and punk tones, the album was a highlight of the year. Throughout this year, the band will be supporting acts like Spanish Love Songs and The Wonder Years on a tour that goes through February. Like all the bands on this list, hopefully we’ll see new music from them this year. I highly recommend Origami Angel if you need a new emo group to jam to.

Songs to check out: “Self Destruct,” “Mach Bike,” “24 Hr Drive-Thru”


I may be relatively newer to this group but that doesn’t take away from how much they’ve impressed me in the short time I’ve listened to them. This Scottish group blends midwestern emo with punk in the coolest way possible. They bring energy that just makes me smile when listening to songs like “F*** That I’m Alright” and “Blueberry Faygo.” That doesn’t mean they don’t have lowkey songs, though. “Storyboard For A Pessimist” and “Fate & Fairytales” are prime examples. You can come across all different kinds of sounds from this fast-rising act that I can easily see getting signed and releasing more amazing music in the near future.

Songs to check out: “F*** That I’m Alright,” “Deep End (with VITO),” “FFS”


First of all, any band signed to Run For Cover Records is already going to pique my interest. The label that was once home to Modern Baseball knows how to pick the bands they bring on to their label. Anxious is another example of a great band picked up by Run For Cover. This Connecticut group brings vibes of Modern Baseball that have been gone for a bit, but with a rougher edge. With their release of their latest album, Little Green House, this year, I can see their steam picking up. It also helps that they’re currently on tour with powerhouse acts in the scene like Knuckle Puck, Hot Mulligan, and Meet Me @ the Altar. They fit that tour perfectly, and I can see them getting crowds moving and hyped up, leaving a lasting impact in the process.

Songs to check out: “In April,” “More Than A Letter,” “Your One Way Street”

Prince Daddy & The Hyena

Prince Daddy & The Hyena is a band that’s been around for a while, releasing their first EP, Adult Summers, in October 2015. It seems like they do something every year that pushes their popularity higher and higher. Whether it be split EPs with bands like Mom Jeans, or insanely catchy anthems like “I Forgot To Take My Meds Today,” the band’s audience constantly grows. Now it seems like new music is on the way, with the release of a new song, “Curly Q,” after announcing they’ve signed to Pure Noise Records. This isn’t the end of their fun news, as they will embarking on a headline tour in April!

Songs to check out: “I Forgot To Take My Meds Today,” ***HIDDEN TRACK***, “Curly Q”