Top 5 Albums I’m Looking Forward to In 2021

By Zach Belles

5. Van Weezer – Weezer: Weezer has been extremely consistent with new music in the past few years. Last year, we were given “Hero.” It’s just a single, but what’s important is that they actually released something. Following that, their new album, Ok Human, came out in January, and now we get another new set of music in Van Weezer, which is expected to drop on May 7th.

4. High Dive – SHAED: If you haven’t yet heard the incredible and unique sound of Chelsea Lee, then you have something to listen to now. The trio first made their way onto the alt-rock scene in 2019 with their single “Trampoline,” and then the year after with the song “No Other Way.” Both are incredible stand-alone singles from separate albums. High Dive is expected to come out on May 14th.

3. Let the Bad Times Roll – The Offspring: That’s right! New music from The Offspring this year! We haven’t heard a new studio album from them since 2012. Almost an entire decade! What does this mean? They have a new record label, Concord, and a new bassist, Todd Morse. Will still be the same The Offspring that we’ve come to know and love? Let the Bad Times Roll is out now.

2. Notes on a Conditional Form – The 1975: The follow-up to 2016’s I Like It When You Sleep, For You Are So Beautiful, Yet So Unaware. This new album is said to mix multiple forms and sub-genres such as house, U.K. garage, electronica, folk, indie, and more. I expect nothing less from such a diverse group like The 1975, and I expect another incredible album, start to end.

1.  Scaled and Icy – Twenty-One Pilots: After a year-long Twitter hiatus, we finally heard from drummer Josh Dun and front-man Tyler Joseph on their next album. The first single off that album, “Shy Away,” has already been released, and it’s “a high-key bop” according to everyone who I know that listens to Twenty-One Pilots. Scaled and Icy will be their follow up to Trench, which came out in 2018, and their quarantine bop, “Level of Concern.”