Your Next Playlist: Classical Music

by Jette-Mari Anni

As you know, we LOVE rock music at FM89. However, our amazing DJs also run so many different, incredible shows that play other genres. One of them, Classical Corner, starts our Sundays off with two hours of classical music from 8-10am.

Classical music has been a fascination for scholars for decades. Many are convinced classical music can help one focus and/or improve their learning ability. With the arrival of the final stretch of the school year, we wanted to lean into this belief and provide you with some fantastic classical music to spend your study days with. If you’re not a student, why not try to accompany your reading time with some classical music and see whether time and chapters fly by faster?

Although the classical world is filled with unforgettable classics, I’ll only mention one here and explore some other great melodies instead.

My first recommendation is the classic masterpiece of Vivaldi, “The Four Seasons.”

This iconic piece is perfect background for reading, as the emotions spiral around in sync with the twists, crime, thrill, and romance in the novel in your hands.

Next, as you’re already deep in the flow, we recommend some strings to keep you going. Gabriel Fauré’s “No. 1, Apres un reve” (Arr. R. Howat for cello and piano)” would be a great choice!

By now, you’re not even noticing the music, but as you look to keep the inspiration blooming mid-work, you turn on Mendelssohn’s “Piano Concerto No. 2 in D Minor, Op. 40, MWV O11 – II. Adagio. Molto sostenuto.”

Finally, your work is almost done so you can wind down. As you’re wrapping up the long project or paper you’ve worked so hard on, you need a strong finish that just captures it all. A sweet goodbye for the summer is Peter Maxwell Davies’ “Farewell to Stromness.”

Now that your mind is burnt out and you’re just ready to lie in your bed and soak this year in while thinking absolutely nothing until you just drift away to sleep, here’s the most tender and comforting piece to spend that moment with. A true classical minimalism masterpiece!