Cooper Craziness: The Grande Finale

by Marissa Rybinski

This is it folks, the final result! All of my choices have led up to this- we finally know which of Alice Cooper’s songs is the ultimate.

Let’s take a quick look back at my bracket for all of Cooper Craziness and see how your favorites did overall!

My last bracket update predicted”School’s Out” and “Poison” going head to head in the final showdown- and I put my (metaphorical) money down on “School’s Out”.

My logic seemed pretty sound for this choice. “School’s Out” is a classic. It’s been in used in popular movies like Scream and Dazed and Confused, it was used for a Staples commercial in the early 2000’s, and schools across the United States play it through the loudspeakers on the last day of school. I figured that this popularity would be enough to make “School’s Out” the winner.

Unfortunately, the final tally for Cooper Craziness was not in my favor, and “Poison” took the crown in the bitter end.

Though it wasn’t my pick, I can see why it won. According to SongFacts, the power ballad “Poison” was #7 in the U.S. charts and #2 in the U.K. charts when it came out in 1989. Funnily enough, on Alice Cooper’s scorecard, “Poison” and “School’s Out” actually tied for his highest U.S. chart record.

I didn’t have perfect foresight, but for my first bracket challenge, I think I did pretty well, and I had fun. I will definitely plan on playing again next year.

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