Five Popular Rock Artists Who Wrote Comics

by Noelle Matonis

Some people are just multi-talented. Many artists and bands have not only created amazing music, but also written their own comics and graphic novels. Some of them go along with their albums, and some of them are based in separate worlds. Here are just a few of the many musicians that have written–and some have also helped draw–their own comics.

My Chemical Romance’s Gerard and Mikey Way

Gerard Way and Mikey Way from My Chemical Romance have both written various comics. You might be familiar with the popular Netflix show, The Umbrella Academy. But you may not know that it’s based on The Umbrella Academy comic series, released in 2007, that Gerard Way wrote with Gabriel Bá. He’s also written The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys: California (2013) and National Anthem (2020) with co-writer Shaun Simon. The Killjoys series is set in the same world that My Chemical Romance’s album, Danger Days: The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys, is set in. He’s also written numerous others, such as a new Doom Patrol series. His brother and MCR bassist, Mikey, has also written comics, such as Collapser (2020) and Electric Century (2021) with Shaun Simon. The latter is a comic that goes along with the album he released in his most recent band of the same name.

Rage Against the Machine’s Tom Morello

Guitarist Tom Morello wrote a dystopian science fiction comic series called Orchid. It combined monsters and zombies with political and social justice messages. He also created a soundtrack to go along with the series as you read it.

Courtney Love

The lead singer of Hole, Courtney Love, provided the plot and character designs for the manga series Princess Ai. The character, who’s based on Love, is a female rockstar who has a similar life to hers.

Palaye Royale

Each member of the band Palaye Royale contributed to writing their graphic novel titled, The Bastards: Vol 1, that goes along with their album of the same name. The drummer, Emerson Barrett, also contributed to the artwork for it. It features the band members as characters who wake up on a shoreline and embark on a quest to rebuild themselves from nothing. “Ever since the conception of the band and the first single, ‘Morning Light,’ we have been hiding pieces of this story, within the lyrics, artwork, and visuals,” Barrett said. He’s also created a soundtrack to listen to as you read it, called Alister.