Cooper Craziness: Alice Cooper’s March Madness

by Marissa Rybinski

March Madness is starting up, and everyone is making brackets to predict who will make it to the final and ultimately become champions. Rock legend Alice Cooper saw his opportunity to emulate these March Madness brackets in his own style, and he calls it the Cooper Craziness Bracket Challenge

Cooper has created an online bracket that fans can fill out using his songs. Every week, there will be a vote among players and fans to decide which song will win the round. Players will receive a certain number of points for each correct pick they make, and a leaderboard will keep tally. As more brackets are submitted, the website runs a percentage of votes per song, which new players can keep an eye on while they vote. 

It all ends on April 21, where a Grand Prize Winner will be decided. This winner will receive an Alice Cooper merchandise pack, containing a “Welcome to My Nightmare” t-shirt, one “Don’t Give Up” bandana, a Black Eyes dad hat, a set of Alice Cooper golf balls, and a signature guillotine pin. 

I found out about this contest on the very last day I could enter, so I got in on the fun as quickly as I could. My strategy was to listen to both songs, check their view counts and their like to dislike ratios on Youtube, and look at their percentages so far. You can take a look at my first round picks  below, and I’ll post updates here on FM89’s website each week.