Looking Back at My Time at WONC

by Joey Ficarella

The moment I knew that I wanted to attend North Central College was during a campus tour. I hardly paid attention to what the guide was telling us because I just wanted to see the radio station so badly. When the tour finally got to the station, I was given a tour by the former GM, John Madormo. What made my eyes light up was when he told me that new students get on the air instantly, and that’s when I knew I wanted to be a member of WONC.

I attended my first radio station meeting in September 2018 as a transfer student in my junior year. I was very eager to get my first on-air shift and to join the sports department so I could be a part of the station’s sports talk show, “From the Upper Deck.” As a member of the sports department, I was given many great opportunities to broadcast football, basketball, and baseball games.

The greatest opportunity that I had as a member of the sports department was to go on the Florida spring break trip with the baseball team. During that six-game road trip, I was given the chance to do play-by-play for my first game ever. As the trip went on, I became friends with many of the players on the team, and I also had time to talk with the coaching staff. After the trip was over. every time a player or coach saw me on campus, they would ask me if I was going to broadcast the next game, and I would ask them who they had starting on the mound. These friendships wouldn’t have been possible without WONC.

While I was living on campus, WONC was my home away from home. It was the place I spent most of my free time, prepping for my on-air shifts and working on audio production projects that would eventually get played on the air. Working at WONC not only showed me that I enjoy audio production, but it even taught me how to say the letter W correctly (it’s “double-you,” for those who don’t know.) I spent a lot of time walking around campus saying that to myself until I was saying it perfectly. Thank you for the tip, Zach DeWitz!

As my senior year comes to an end, I have wonderful memories and great friendships that will last me a lifetime. After I said my farewell during what may be my final on-air shift on March 16th, I had to do the hardest thing ever, and that was automate the radio station temporally due to the COVID-19 pandemic. I do hope to work at the radio station over the summer so I can once again get behind the microphone, and then I’ll be able to say the words I love to say during every shift: “We’re going to get you back to some more pure rock here on FM89.”

This is Joey Fic, signing off from WONC.