Four Years of Experience, Memories for a Lifetime

by Jared Roberts

When I decided I want to go to North Central College, I thought that I wanted to become a Civil Engineer. My grades in math were outstanding in high school. After starting classes, though, I was bombarded with the intensity of college. I was in college-level calculus and physics courses, and they started to wear me out. I realized very quickly THIS WAS NOT FOR ME! Not to discredit the uniqueness of the field, but my heart just wasn’t in it.

I’d always had a raging passion for sports and anything to do with sports, so I decided to start looking for a different major. When I mentioned my interest in sports to my advisor, she steered me toward John Madormo. Within the week, I was in his office having a conversation with the long time, beloved former GM of WONC. He asked me if radio was something I was truly interested in. Not having any previous experience or opportunity to participate in high school, I responded cautiously, “I think so.” To make a long story short, I changed my major to Broadcast Communications and joined the radio station the very next term.

Immediately, the sports department sought me out, asking if I was interested in broadcasting games. Of course, my answer was YES! This is exactly why I joined the station, changed my major, and risked the stability of my future employment. Anyone in the field knows exactly how tough it is to break into, but I was hungry! I wanted to get involved in the sports department in as many ways as possible. I picked up a few sportscasts, started to board-op games, and even called some.

I could bore you with some memories I’ve had over the past few years, but that wouldn’t be fair because there are just so many. I met so many great people at the station. People who worked there, alumni, bands, and outside organizations interested in working with WONC. So many GREAT people! To them, their predecessors, and anyone else who has influenced WONC over the years, I just want to say thank you! Without WONC, I wouldn’t truly know how to pronounce the letter “W,” I wouldn’t have found out who I am today if it weren’t for the opportunities that the station gave me, and I wouldn’t have found my family.

I leave these years behind me, but I won’t forget the memories. “Final score: North Central wins it, 2020 to life. For WONC sports, I’m Jared Roberts.”