TIMEOUT -> Toronto

by Jared Roberts

If you’re a sports fan, you know the predicament that we’re in right now. No major sports are being held because of the coronavirus pandemic. This isn’t the first time sports were cancelled outright because of a global crisis, though. There were the first and second World Wars, and the Spanish Flu pandemic in the late 1910s.

Most sports’ seasons are expected to resume, yet many pessimists believe that the rest of the NHL and NBA seasons may be cancelled due to how late these leagues were in their respective seasons. The NBA was planning on following China’s CBA (Chinese Basketball Association) plans to restart the season. Although, the CBA has had issues with the restart, and now many insiders and experts believe that the NBA season may end up being cancelled. None of these crises or league cancellations were thought to have been tied to any supernatural beliefs or claims. Something doesn’t sit right, though.

In 1918, the Toronto Arenas won the NHL Championship. The next season was stopped in the middle of the finals due to the Spanish Flu pandemic. In 1993, the Toronto Blue Jays won the MLB World Series. The next year, the season ended on a sour note due to a players’ strike and the ’94 World Series was cancelled.

Now, the NBA season might come to an end. Usually, wandering into conspiracy theories isn’t well received, and maybe this is a stretch, but who was the last team to win the NBA Finals? Toronto. All of these championships in the different leagues were firsts for the city of Toronto. The first NHL title in 1918. The first MLB title in 1993. The first NBA title in 2019. Could it be that the city of Toronto just wants to admire their titles for longer than one year? If that’s the case, we should be thankful that this is their third and hopefully final timeout.