Author: Samantha Ring

Keep tuning in and rocking out to WONC’s October currents

Yesterday, we covered four of the 12 monthly currents for North Central’s very own WONC FM 89.1, and we’re back again to cover four more new songs. If you tune in, you can expect to hear a variety of moods and genres. Here’s a quick look into some of the currents you’ll be hearing for the rest of the month.
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WONC’s Scary Good October Currents


As October rolls in, your home for pure rock, WONC FM 89.1, has added new music to the audio vault. The station selects 12 new songs to be currents, meaning that they will be played consistently through the end of the month. From local rock to pop punk, from punk-folk to indie rock, there is a little something for listeners of all genres this month.
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